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  • Žolna šport d.o.o.
    Koprska ulica 72b
    1000 Ljubljana
  • +386 1 423 20 53

  • info@zolnasport.si
  • 041 602 011
  • +386 1 256 12 70
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Why Zolna sport?

Zolna sport is Slovenian sport apparel manufacturer that specializes in custom design team and individual sports team apparel. Its main advantage is custom design printing which enables sport teams to print/have all the sponsors, logos, signs printed on their apparel in one process while still maintaining the team appearance with all the colors.

It’s a complete manufacturing process from (design, sewing to printing) and collaboration with top athletes in one place gives great flexibility and fast adaptations to new trends. It’s considered among the top quality sport apparel manufactures since 23 years of collaboration with sports professionals and production experience has gained it great knowledge base. Its vision is to become a leader in manufacturing sport team clothes in design in the region of Southeastern Europe.

Main products and services

It manufactures custom design sport apparel for all sports from athletics, cycling, running, basketball, football, volleyball, handball, cross country skiing, trekking, hiking, bowling, archery, rugby, hockey..

In addition Zolna sport manufactures sports promotional items from bandanas, caps, cheerleading sport jersey to scarves and start numbers and many sport appeal accessories.

It’s also official outfitter of Slovenian national cycling team, Eurochallange winners Basketball club KK Krka and also representative and importer of brand Lurbel technical garment and socks for Slovenia.

Our main services are

  • Design of sport apparel in custom design for teams and individual sports
  • Team sports apparel design incorporating of all the sponsors, logos, signs..
  • Design of new sports cuts
  • Consulting about best sports apparel cuts, materials that best fit a designated sport activity